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Bf wants me to use a dildo/butt plug on him, is that normal???
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I have been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months now. He lives in NYC and I live in California. Things are pretty "normal" for us at the beginning, but it''s interesting to me is when he started to ask me interesting personal questions about sexual pleasures which to me I love it, because when a guy that ask you many questions, he actually is giving you "hints" on something he wants or desires. So, I decided to just go with it. My first time in NYC was in May of this year. When I met him through my gf, he was not really the guy I would "normally" date, but something about him attracted me to him.

We text and call each other everyday. Trying to keep the communication alive.The second time I fly to NYC, we began to have interesting sexual displays. He loves me giving him bj's and making love to him is great, but this time he asked me to use my fingers and stick it up his ass. I was a bit nervous and shocked, because never did a bf ever had such a request. But I did it and it looks like he enjoyed it. I do not know.

Third time in NYC, we had and tried "anal sex" for the first time. I would said use a lot of lube and also relax too! It hurt the first time, but when I was relaxed, it felt AMAZING!!! I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Now, we are still talking and into our 5th month, yesterday he asked me "if I would use a dildo on him when we make love, and I said "yes." I also did plan a trip for us to meet up in Seattle because he never been there and it would be a great romantic get away for the weekend. And then...

Well,today he called and talked to me. I mentioned and told him how it would be nice to use a butt plug for men or a dildo up his ass. Oh my, he texted me later and said he's excited and this is wild and crazy. I do not know if he's happy or excited to experience this with me, but I am all game and also curious about SD&M too. I would love to take our sexual pleasures to the next level.

My question is it "normal" for a straight guy to ask me to do that to him?
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He sounds adventurous!

There are actually pleasure glands inside the anus, in men and women! Maybe he figured that out by "accident"? :p
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Yes this is normal. A person does not have to be gay to enjoy prostate stimulation.
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omg yes you don't have to be gay to like it
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It is normal. Proceed it.
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Yes this normal i also love doing this it raise my pleasure higher and higher and i'm not a gay it's a mix is happining between pleasure and pain in the ass also to give my ass to a girl to make me taste this oooohhh woooow it's amazing so it;s sooooooooo normal
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Thank you so much for all the inputs. I really do not know what else to expect or say about him. I guess if you can not win them, then join them. lol

But yes, I will be alert and more understanding when I figure out what he really wants. because I have never encounter a bf that ask for such request and has a "freaky kink" in him that he doesn't mind me trying it on him.

I thought it was "weird" at first, because I have never think one day I would be doing this or getting involved with such a sexual act, but I guess if I play my cards right, I might hit the JACKPOT on exploring my desires too!!!

Thanks all! :)
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I have never done that to my bf and I'm curious to know how to do it and give me lots of pleasure. Any ideas help!
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Straight men to not like to be fucked in the ass. Fact.
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are you a puritan time traveller from the 1400's?
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I think it's because we do not see it played out normally in everyday and if it's always behind closed doors, then we do not just go around and say " Hey I got "BANGED" in the azz last night and I like it. I have many male friends that are straight as an arrow, but yet they tell me things I have never thought they would do. I think now it is "normal" but still I have to experience it to understand and trust that my bf will love it and it will boost up our relationship in many interesting and exciting ways! :)

Anyways, thanks for the comments you guys are AWESOME!!:)
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Just like women have a "G" spot. Men have a prostate if message correctly The big "O" baby.
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He may wish he was a girl. We watch the pleasure you get from being taken and think wow what's that like? I imagine you wonder what it's like to dominate someone as a man does. I fact that is part of the joy. When you are a guy you dominate. I'm 6'6" imagine, I would love to be able to experience being dominated, pretty, and able to have children.
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