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Bisexuality and gender preferences
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I would like to know why most bisexual men prefer women, and why most bisexual women prefer women. What the hell is wrong with dating a man, for god's sake?
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Where are you getting your facts?
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Yeah the way I see it is most women aren't afraid to do another woman if they have the slightest inclination to be with a woman. And a lot of women do things with women just to say they did because they think it makes them hotter to men. Men tend to hide the bi sexuality because it is a turn off to most women.
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Actually, I've had the impression that most bisexual women prefer men. Dunno about the bisexual men.

I do prefer women, as a bisexual man myself, just more attracted to them. I guess it's just brain chemistry or something, because I can't think of a rational reason to have any gender preference at all. Society is more accommodating to straight couples. Also, women tend to share their emotions more readily, desire more closeness and intimacy, be more interested in commitment and in obeying and depending on each other, etc., but it really depends on the individual.
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