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Black men f**king my wife
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It started off as a dare type game were the other person sets a dare that they think the other person will chicken out to.
Well she sared me to watch her f**k another guy, thinking she wouldn't go through with it I let it happen then I got turned on by watchin this guy f**k my wife.
The other day he brought round another 10 guys and they all f**ked her and cum all over haer then pissed over her she got turned on by this and I got turned on watching.

is this normal?
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Comments (13)
Try watching ur wife with a lesbian!!!!
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i'd love my wife to do that,i'm turning her into a real whore
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@: tinkius
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It is some guys ultimate fantasy so its down to you what you think is normal.
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dare yeah right...she was wanting to do this and set you up and you seem to be getting off on watching the naked guys too.
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your a dickhead mate.

no real man would sit back and happily let strange men come into his home and degrade and defile his wife! Any decent loving husband should be protecting the current or potential mother of his children!!

you married wife is a slut and you are a very weak man

i only hope you dont bring children into this marriage if not fair every child deserves a functional family.
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ya rite ok your one of those gay guys that want to watch your lady have sxx with men with hiv aids.
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i was always very possessive and jealous of my wife and considered a white woman who had sex with a black man unacceptable. when i married her she had had sex with most of her boyfriends for the five years before our marriage so she was no virgin. when i was talking to some guys at the gym they said that everybody had seen the crack of dawn ... my wifes name.

there was a really well built and well hung black guy at the gym and some of the guys bet me that i would not let my wife take the guy in the mens dressing room.

i talked her into doing it and she loved it and we still fantasize about it
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lol i was there did you notice the scat part or the time i got my god in on the action or were you asleep after the fapping anyway lets do it agian sometime just tell that bitch (not the dog that was a guy he penetrated your wife analy) to not kiss us all after i was stook brushing my teeth for a week
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lol god= dog its a typo
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If you both enjoy it is not evil, but it is not normal either. Most men are possessive of their wives. Most women do not enjoy casual sex with strangers.
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am going to treat this like it was real your woman not pleased with you so go and get a better job if you can't win her of in the sac go for the money approach
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