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Booger eater
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For some reason everyday i pick my nose and eat my boogers i always dig my nose and try to find the biggest piece in there and just eat it ive been doing this all my life and i was wondering if this is normal?
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My fuckng P.E teacher is his own knows vaccum and he does it infront of everyone, he should be shot honestly.
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Some researchers think it's actually good for your immune system, acting almost like a vaccine against whatever you've inhaled and entrapped in the snot. (See for an article on this)
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no, it's snot normal. heh.
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Avoid the black ones! Those have the poison in them. I got sick from them one time. I was P13ND'd so hard.
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i don't think there's anything wrong with eating boogers as long as you only do it in privacy hehe
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I guess it's not really abnormal, but it's disgusting. Would you want to kiss some girl who has been eating her boogers? Blech!
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Look up rhinotillexomania online. You are not alone.
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My hugh nose has lots of boogers that I can eat and I love licking snot!
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Wow...I didn't think eating boogers was normal but I guess a lot of people do time I saw a homeless lady eating her boogers...I guess she hadn't had a meal in awhile.
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