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Brother had sex
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I have a brother that is 10 years old. Im 19 and am home for spring break. my brother had some friends over and they were playing in his room. they were making a lot of noise so i went to check up on them. i peeked in and him and his 2 friens were having 2 way(both of the friens are boys). then i happened again at a sleep over and they asked me to come jack off with them. I was suspicios so i did and i heard that he was going over to friends houses and doing this to. ( im not gay). what should i do. ive had sex tons before and my parents found out. by the way my penis was like 20 times bigger than theirs. what sould i do
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Okay um... by three way I don't know if you meant oral or anal - and I'm sure I wanna know.

But if you wanna know if is this "normal", stuff like this does happen - just type some keywords from your story into Google and you'll see what I mean.

Now is this "okay"? Not at all ... usually kids experiment at 4-5 yrs old before they associate their penis with sexuality - the fact that your brother is 10 and is doing this stuff period - better yet with his friends should raise some concern. I'd highly recommend telling your parents, or at least asking him where he learned this. It could be that he's been sexually abused. That's just my 2 cents..

PS: For those who are more concerned about this kid's sexual orientation rather than the fact he may have learned this from an adult ... you really need to grow up - I mean seriously, come on.
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Sex is sex, don't let a condescending throw back like Rory2424 tell you otherwise.

Let your brother experience life for him self and don't sweat the small stuff.
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@: popups
yeah, i mean what brother wouldn't be okay seeing his little bro have gay butt sex with one of his buddies(sarcasm). Please popups, sex is not sex. Having gay anal sex is not the same as vaginal sex. What is it with people like you that like to hold hands, fart fairy dust and pretend like everything and everyone is okay. You don't find a story like this a little disturbing?
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Although for most people it is a bit wierd two brothers having sex, beacuse most people see it like they see bro/sis sex. But that dosnt mean that he should 'beat his ass' or ' tell your parents or kick his ass or something'.

To Rory2424 and specialist:
Just because you have sexuality problems that makes you homophobic dosnt mean you have to share your distressed homophobic views on the rest of the world.
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why worry about it. its probably just young boys fuking around
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sex isn't for fucking ten year olds.
Tell him off or something.
This world is run by gays now.
But seriosuly, he can be gay wehn he is 18
not 10.
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you said you've had sex tons before, with guys or girls? When you said your ten year old brother had sex I thought you meant with like some hot chick in his class, not a buddy of his. If I saw my brother having sex with one of his friends I'd beat his ass, that's gross dude, tell your parents or kick his ass or something, that's just not right.
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