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Bum bleeds when wiping
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Sometimes when I have done a really bad poo on the toliet and I need alot of paper to clean it up, I wipe and wipe and wipe and then my anus starts to bleed. It doesn't really hurt that much, but it's sort of weird to see that red liquid on my toilet paper (I'm a guy by the way).
Is it normal to wipe so hard that your arse bleeds, after a really bad poop?

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Comments (6)
Maybe you are whiping too hard or maybe you pushed too hard to get the poo out you busted a vain or hemroids, you should go to the doctor and get it checked out before you really have something wrong with you.
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use baby wipes instead of dry toilet paper.
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I'm pretty sure it's not hemaroids, as it happens very rarely only after the poo was a bit 'messy'. But it could be a broken vein.
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I have this friend, Ryan Gilroy whom has to use wads of wet toilet paper because the same thing happens to him when he creates a magic potato replica out of poop with his butt.
AnyWay, try using big wads of sopping toilet paper. And wash your hands and socks after use.
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could be just excessive wiping but bleeding can also be anything from roids to colon cancer.get it checked out.
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get off your fatass and exercise. you're bleeding because you're unhealthy.
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