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I love my bumhole. I love my boyfriend licking it, touching it, and all that bumming scenario. But for some reason every time i see or smell the odour of my boyfriends c*ck i seem to take the eurge to take a dump on his chest, while i think this every time i see his c*ck i almost certainly follow through in my pants, this is obviously really embarrassing and a horrid horrific time for me. My boyfriend is veery supportive although this past few weeks he has asked if he could smear my poo all over his face. i find it a little disgusting but he is persuading me more and more to do it. i dont know what to do? Is this a normal male fantasy? And what does it taste like?
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It will probably taste like the downfall of the human race.
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I really, really didn't expect the story to end like that. Amazing stuff.

Oh and by the way, it will taste of shit.
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just put down some sheets
think about the carpet
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I wouldn't actually rule this out of being the truth! I had an ex, thats right an ex, who persistantly asked me to poop on her tits! Not my cup of tea!
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Nice that you both found eachother... its not normal and most people find it absolutely disgusting (myself included)If it suits you both to have poop-play go for it, but uh... clean up after.
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Ok, my bullshit alarm is going off on this one. Whomever this is sounds like some immature teenager trying to get a rise out of everyone and hoping ppl answer to this.
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uh whoa
Well, you're unique . . .
be proud and you know what . . . if he likes it and you like it . . . do it
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This... is disgusting.

Do you know how nasty smearing hot steaming poopy all over you is like, its gross. At least its not a penis post!
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i would never lick an ass eveer in my life and i dont know why he would
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You need to see a counsellor I rekon, I've never heard such a disgusting thing in all my life :S ewwwww I mean your supposed to enjoy sex, and I know there are many ways to turn on your partner but shitting on his face and even smearing it in I mean is that REAAALLY necessary? Just repeat it to yourself and think about it, I mean imagine the smell around his face and nose, he'd still smell after about a week of showers in fact I cant even eat right now im that disgusted. ooorrr you want Shooting
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you can get salmonella from that eww dont ever eat corn ever
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I have the same urge. I, however, have acted upon this urge. I will be the first to tell you that it is a great moment the first time poo is smeared all over your face. Your boyfriend will also love the brown stuff all over his chest.

As for the taste, it tastes like what you ate the day before, just a bit more bitter.
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scat sex gross!
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It's very normal for people in love to want to experience each other in a unique way that they haven't shared with anyone else. It can create or bolster a sense of deep connection. As long as you both consent and enjoy it and you're not hurting anyone, then go for it.
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that can make you sick...
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what about if you ate peanuts would it scatch?
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