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Bumps on my areola
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I've always been shy about showing my breasts because around my nipples (areola) I have these bumps. I can squeeze them and white stuff comes out. Do most women have these?
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Comments (17)
jesus.. All girls have them, just some are bigger. Its just little pores that produces a teeny bit of waxy white substance. It is not milk and you are probably not pregnant... Dont squeeze then if you don't have to. And they are just a part of the nipple, guys won't care.
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They're Montgomery or areola glands . . .

Glands of Montgomery are sebaceous glands in the areola (of the nipple). The glands makes oily secretions (lipoid fluid) to keep the areola and the nipple lubricated and protected.
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OK you jerks- first of all you CAN'T SEE AIDS... and that's nothing to laugh about. Grow up.

But to answer the question:

Yes those bumps on the areola are normal. As "Moi" said, they're Montgomery glands. Try not to squeeze them- I guess if you squeeze them you may get white stuff out of them, but the more you irritate the gland, the more likely it is get infected. (As with any other gland of the body)

For pictures, or a more clear definition:
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You should never ne shy about showing your breasts. Dont worry about the lumps we can take em along with everyone else. All tits are good we love em lumps and all
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not unusual to have those lumps and sometimes fluid comes out, but must be checked by a doctor, mostly if there is family history of breast cancer. usually this fluid has no meaning unless color changes or it has a bad smell.
other than that, dont be shy and show your tits to everyone you can...
pics are ok too!!
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I keep finding stuff out about girls that is gross.
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Sweet. Most guys wont mind. They are teats?
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I think it's milk.Have a look around and see if you've had a baby.
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Yep it does
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too bad you have the aids sweetie. good luck, try magic johnson's treatment, he is still alive. squeeze it all out and send it to a doctor.
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Sounds like AIDS
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I have a bump between my legs and when I squeeze it white stuff comes out. Should I send you some?
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the bumps are nipples. the white stuff is milk.
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Sounds like....

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its milk
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that's milk you dumbass
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@: smithee
I'd say you're the fucking dumb ass. It's not milk, you creten! Fuck I hate stupid people.
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