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Can sniffing gasoline fumes get you high?
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Hey, I've been wondering, does smelling gas fumes (PLEASE don't make f**king fart jokes) get you high? If that's so, does sniffing them kill brain cells and make you f**king stupid? In extreme cases, can it kill you? Please comment.
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Comments (11)
Yes, huffing gasoline can produce a sensation that some people call "high". It's not at all like being high on marijuana. It is a very short high caused by your brain being flooded with, essentially, poison. It can kill you, but you are more likely to end up a vegetable for the rest of your life. There are much safer ways to get high. Don't huff gasoline or glue or spray paint or anything like that.
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Quit huffing it will kill you it deprives your brain of Oxygen....Save up 20$ and go buy sum X pills you will never huff gas again.........
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There's this guy...he's worked at the gas station on the corner for like...maybe 15 years....I don't think he's quite right.
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i'm guessing yes, SO DON'T DO IT
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yeah it will kill brian cells-lots of them plus gas fumes are highly explosive.get real and smoke some weed or drink some beers like a normal kid trying to get high.
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Hmm well your body needs oxygen to breath and if you are filling your lungs with gasoline fumes instead of oxygen, I am safely going to guess there might be some damage. I suggest you do not sniff ANY fumes.

Just a suggestion.
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And yes that's smart. It hurts
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u need 2 get on to the opal fuel
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The thing about getting high off of gas is that you hallucinate. My hallucinations are things such as a jamacain guy named damitri. It can also put you in Alice in wonderland situations where you grow and shrink. I've done this high a couple of times before. It's not extremely toxic or deadly, (unless you do it too much.) and it gives horrible headaches afterwards. But it's potentially harmless although I've been clean of it for a week. It's not my best recommendation tho.
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Don't do it. When I was young and dumb, I was huffing gas with my friend, and he actually huffed too much and fell out. He was in coma for 8 months and actually ended up dying!! I prefer marijuana, Xanax or alcohol.
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