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Can students with anxiety to be more prone to writers block than other
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I've just started college and the amount of essays that I'm now doing as increased exponentially .As someone who has anxiety, and writers block, I was wondering if those who have anxiety are more prone to having writers block than those who don't. Im wondering if others are going through the same situation that I'm currently experiencing.
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The trick is to just start...

It doesn't matter what crap you start with, it can always be changed later, but staring at a blank page is not conducive to lettin' it flow.
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"My father never got truck driver's block."

Writing is a job, and writer's block is a myth. Just force yourself to write even while your mind comes up with a 100 reasons for you not to.
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I don't have anxiety myself but it definitely could be probable, maybe there's even research about it, google it :)
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Yes, that's really good advice. Start writing your essay plan even, and get random thoughts down to help prompt you as you go along.
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The whole world is filled with people who have writers block, most of them never bothered trying to write though.
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