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Can't figure out my why I get sad
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Well I had this problem for a long time. I have these periods where I get very very sad. I start crying and thoughts come to mind such as does anybody care about me, I'm worthless, there I go again crying....and everybody hates me. I tried doing research and so far it looks like I might be suffering from depression. I started reading a book that talks about how to raise yourself esteem and it helped some. I learned that depression sometimes starts with having very low esteem. I am know for certain that I do have low self-esteem. I tried to think positivly and try to be more upbeat but it always seems like I fall right back down to my little puddle of tears. Is it because I am not trying hard enough to change? Or is it something else.
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I used to get depressed a whole lot, but now it's not nearly as bad because I've made a few changes in my life. Here are the changes I made; maybe some of them can help you out too:

-EXERCISE. It honestly doesn't sound like any fun when you're already feeling down, but it's great for preventing it. If I work out in the morning, I'm bound to have a great day.

-ATTITUDE. Just being positive, or trying to.

-SCHEDULE. I honestly feel a direct correlation between doing nothing and being depressed. If I'm sitting around doing nothing, I feel like I have no friends and no one likes me. But if I'm out and about, I see people more often, meet new people, and feel like I have something important to do.

-TAKING RISKS. I don't mean going skydiving. I mean getting out of bed and putting on a cute outfit even though you feel the opposite of cute. I mean calling a friend to go see a movie even though you don't really feel like doing anything. Going the extra mile even if you think it might get you nowhere, just because there's a chance it might.
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yeah i just taken up swimming and its giving me a boost. i also started trying to do more things. thanks so much for the comment :)
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You should go to the dr. Your saratonin levels may be off so it may not matter what you try to do to make it all better unless you get on something to help balance you out.
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Sounds like depression.
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yea it`s normal depression is common
jus that u needa figure it out before realising ur depressive,one thing is to change ur way of thinking bout stuff imagine ur like oh that shit is so pissin me off what do i do now, think bout it positive, laugh bout it or find a way that aint rly tough in fact try to not take it srs at all,stop tryin to make urself feel down,ur a great person alright,just cuz theres no1 around who could possibly understand u doesnt mean anythin,
other thing is its bout hormones there r docs prescribing u pills for that get a diagnosis
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I have that but I feel like my mom likes my sisters's called middle child sindrum.
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What it sounds like is depression and you could go see a therapist and talk about it. They can refer you to a psychiatrist who can work on medications with you if you need them. But for most people, talk therapy is very effective.
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your comment really helped me out...when you typed "cuz theres no1 around who could possibly understand u doesnt mean anythin" it kind of cleared my doubts a lot. Right now i'm trying not to be serious about everything, and started thinking positive. So far i'm doing a lot better...i just gotta keep at it now. thank you so much!
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@: cz1313
oh my comment was to x6tence (41800)....still tryig to get the hang of replying on this website... :P
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I know you must be so confused. And the thing abt therapists and doctors is that although they are able to help you and maybe give you some insight on what you're experiencing.. They will diagnose and that But Don't get too caught up with the diagnosis. It's just a word, don't let it be a label
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this happens to me all the time. i have really good phases where i love my life and everything in it, but then somehow i always fall into a phase of depression, which usually lasts longer than my good phases. i was actually diagnosed a while back as bipolar depressed but was too young for treatment other than going to a therapist. seeing as how i hate therapists i never went. now that i am old enough for the medication id like to try it. you're not alone. and try talking to someone that has the same problem as you..
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Personally, I think it's totally normal. The only cure for "depression" is to be happy. So do what makes you happy.
Personally, I say fuck all that therapist crap, I don't want any pills to cover up my problems. I'd rather get rid of them forever.
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I'm pretty shure that's deppreshion ya so it's pretty shure it's that
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