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My worst habit ever is my crazy cell phone calling issue. Whenever I call someone, and they don't answer. I freak out, and get really nervous. And I HAVE to call them back until they pick up, I'll call people up to 60, 70 times. Just beacuse I can't figure out what they are doing! I've ruined realtionships with this problem, and it puts me into a panic. It's ruined a lot days for me, and it's taking over my life. Is it normal to have an issue like this? or does it go deeper then that?
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You sound like you always have your phone to hand and always answer it. Not everyone is the same as you. I answer my phone if I have it with me. If not, I just expect that someone will leave voicemail if it was anything important. Me not answering doesn't mean I've had some fatal accident.
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Listen to hanging on the telephone by blondie
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Yes dappled. People think I have it hanging on my neck the whole time. If it's important they will leave a mssg. Sometimes I get chastised because I don't answer it right away. I do have a life.
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I hardly use my phone at all. I don't take it with me. I don't charge. Hell I don't even know why I have it.
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Maybe you should call them three times ten minutes apart, then if they don't answer, leave a message. Seems like a fair compromise.
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