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Chest freeze
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Most people get a brain freeze whenever they eat something cold or ice cream or whatever. Well, I rarely get a "brain freeze". I get more of a "chest freeze" like, all down my chest and to my stomach gets cold and hurts instead of my head.
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Comments (7)
Yeah, that happens to me too. I have never had a brain freeze, it's always been an intense pressure in my upper chest that can get pretty painful.
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I don't get it in my head either. It's more like somewhere below my shoulder-blades on my back. I get it quite easily too.
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Happens to me ALL THE TIME. It's from swallowing too much cold stuff too fast.
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That happens to me too!
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thats maybe because the channels to your stomach through your throat get really cold.
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I think it hapens becayse i can feel the coldness past the tube
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I get a chest freeze too when I eat something cold or drink something cold.

Could be due to my rheuma though.
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