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Chewing Food on one side of my mouth
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Whenever I eat, I tend to chew using only the right side of my mouth. I bite the food like normal, but instinctively push it towards the back right of my mouth. I am sure this isn't good for my jaw, but I just always thought this was normal. Do people chew on equal sides in their mouth - ir do you favour one side over the other?
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YES. Everyone does this. It's the same thing as how people usually favor one hand. Right handed people usually chew on the right side of their mouth, same for left handed people. What gave you the impression that this isn't normal?
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I swallow peach halves whole. This is only one of my SuperPowers.

Methos- the RoadWarrior.
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I tend to alternate sides--but you should know that when dolphins lunge onto land to catch spawing fish, they only use one side. So, uh, it's natural. And stuff.
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