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Clicky fingers
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Every night I have this massive erge to crack my bones. I know lot's of people do this but my addiction seem's much stronger. I have to crack all my finger and all my feet joint (My bone's tend to crap easily) untill I can feel comfertable and 5 minute's later I find the erge to start again, is this normal? and any thort's on how to stop me cracking?.
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IF YOU HAPPEN TO SEE THIS, right I'm goin to stop trying to see what you'v got to say, because I carn't be doing with you'r views right now, it's just unecessary added stress what realy ain't worth it, my mind carn't hack getting pict just because you'r board or sumet, I ain't coming back on this site anywho because I think it's best for me, so you can keep useing it at my expence because it int like you'v said owt to my face so realy it's still just you'r child's play, so good bye all sorry every one for the lowd of bollocks I've write, just had to but in somewhere along the lines. and what every you have on me in you'r own head what you think would be grate to be true you'v got it all rong, very rong and somewhere inside you know it and you'r just using it against me, but you have got it very rong in all you'r preditions, very rong.
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OK, you can't talk, spell, use proper grammar,or proper sentence structure! It behooves you to leave this site because none of us know what you are saying,or what you are trying to say.
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But be nice and don't do it around people that kringe at the sound.
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shut ya fuckin mouth ya boffin.
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I do that ALL THE TIME
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stop your bones will mess up
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It fucks up your joints in your fingers putting unessary strain on the membrane between the bones which most likely is cartillage and when that goes, ye get arthritis, or however you spell it.

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first of all its been proven by doctors and sciencetist that cracking your fingers does not cause arthritis. second.the cracking sound is air escaping from your joints and it is cartalage and your bones slightly touching the sides of your other end of the joint.
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From the sound of it, the preparation, the methodical nature of it and the urge to repeat it sounds like you may have a mild case of OCD.

I crack my knuckles a bit now and then, and my neck when it feels stiff. I don't know if popping your joints is likely to cause harm or not, but I doubt its a big deal if done occasionally. If done nightly I would be more worried that it could put some kind of stress on your joints that might make you feel sore a few years down the road.

You may want to ask a doctor or counselor about cracking your joints and compulsion or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
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It sounds like you relate this with relaxation and use it as a mechanism to help you wind down. This could be the sign of an anxiety disorder, OCD being one of them. Unfortunatly people often think they have OCD when they really don't. The activity must get in the way of your normal functioning and take up at least an hour of your time a day to be considered obsessive compulsive. You may have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) which is MUCH more common and would also explain your inability to stay settled when you are trying to get rest at night. Racing thoughts, increased heart rate, fear of your surroundings/unknown are just a few of the many signs of GAD. Counseling can help you find ways to replace your need to crack with something that is more positive. Talk to your doctor...treatment is right around the corner.
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Yes,I have a thought.Please learn how to spell properly.There is no such word as 'thort'.You are probably looking for the word 'thought'.So,please educate yourself before you get any thorts on making a new story or even commenting for that matter.
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Your bones crap easily?!

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