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Clown Fetish
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I'm a young adult who has always had a clown fetish. I actually am not into clown porn. It's not so much about naked people wearing greasepaint, it's more complicated. It's about imagining the person I like in the whole get up, or sometimes myself, among other things.

I have seen all kinds of fetishes but I haven't found anything at all about this which makes me think I'm the weirdest of the weirdest, which in turn tells me that I should probably never tell this to anyone. But maybe people just don't talk about it?

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i'm not sure how many people have a clown fetish, but you're definitely not alone because i have a huge one. i've bought 2 costumes with accessories for each, which all together cost nearly $140. i definitely feel the same way about seeing people i like in the get-up, which i actually successfully accomplished (using halloween as an excuse). it just makes me feel really turned on, which i guess would give it the appropriate term as a fetish. when there is no one else around i'll throw the costume and makeup on and enjoy every second of it. at first i felt really weird about coming out about it but now it just isn't as bad for some reason. i also felt weird about appearing dressed as a clown in front of other people, but at this point i've done it several times. it's not a bad fetish, there are many worse deranged and twisted fetishes.
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i dont kno if this is an old post
and i 'm very late .
but i had to say i have a ( litle bit ) the same .
oo but sites about clown (porn ) i dont ever want to see or talk about that ..
but its just the normal clown .
like how they .. dont know , look i gess .
i think i 'm not very normal with this ..
so i never tell . lol
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Hey friend,
Coincidentally, i just posted a comment that you might like /support your question, You may see it in

These topics make me also think, by myself! I'm also a huge admirer of clowns :O)

I think it's pretty normal, as it turns you on, doesn't harm other people and you don't get scared of it. People often get scared of things and feelings they don't know, but you could might consider, what it all means to you... try to find out more about the character, the meanings and the roles before the figure of the clown. They express a lot, about freedom, people relationships and etc. Maybe they fit as answers or inspiration for some of your doubts, or maybe... they're just colorful enough to catch your attention. Who knows?

Anyway, this character has the ability of making you smile :P at least, it must have something of good. So enjoy it.

Don't get disturbed about it, there are much horrible things to get disturbed with in this world.
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Nope, most people find clowns creepy.
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It's not really common. But then fetishes never are.
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I'm so glad to know I'm not alone. I haven't quiet accepted it myself, but I'm definitely in the same boat. I've always wanted to dress up in the full costume, but I always chicken out.
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the best way i have found to explain this to people i know is that i see clowns,jesters,and harlaquins as a way of expressing ones personality. clowns come in many different forms and each one is unique displaying a specific mood or personality. focusing on just the make up a clowns face can show very little like a nose and some eyeshadow or it can can express every unique trait that person posesses. what i am trying to say that being a clown or dressing up like a clown could be a way of expressing yourself or your current feelings through a very unique and ancient artform. this is how i look at it atleast. also it can be way of creating a new personality different from the one you may display in public
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Hi, I really don't know how old this post is but thought i'd have my say.
Im a Young Female and have a serious Clown Fetish too!! I've had it for as long as I can remember, don't know in all seriousness where it originates from.
I've only recently looked into it and this is my first time talking about it as I've never told any of my friends or family (I know it's a bit of a weird fetish and in all honesty I'm so embarassed by it). Whenever I'm watching TV and a clown pops up on a show/film I get so flustered. Would love to know where it all started but fact is it's just the way I am. I've done a lot of research about this and was surprised to find a lot of people saying the same, so don't worry you're not alone.
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clowns r scary shit
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