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Computer mouse fetish
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My friend told me this true story about herself.
Ok, the other day she was very bored at my computer. Her parents were out so she was chatting with my boyfriend. She got really horny so she got bored and started playing with her vagina. She was surfing the net with the mouse with her other hand. Then, she just felt the sudden urge to put the mouse in her vagina. Is this normal? She swears it was the best orgasm she has ever felt! I'm the only one of her friends that knows
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Comments (3)
sounds interesting and ive never heard of that so i think she must have not had any for a long long time and that her hormones went crazy. orgasms tend to be better if you have not had sex recently.
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Interesting. I could imagine the mouse wheel as being an ideal point of contact.
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Thats very interesting.. I bet it felt strange though..
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