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Cousin Telepathy. Is it common?
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Ok. Anna and I are first cousins. Our dads are brothers and our moms are friends. So as you can imagine we have a fairly close-net family. We attend the same high-school and are less then a year apart. We have the same friends. We are practically sisters. We constantly joke about supposedly being "separated at birth".

In the past year we have noticed a mental bond between each other. We call it our 'Cousin Telepathy'. When we talked to our gramma about it she said we have been like that since we were born. Gramma said that when we were little we did EVERYTHING together AND at the exact same time. We got hungry together. We got sleepy together. We peed together. We got sick together. So on and so forth.

Our problems are the constant headaches and stomachaches. If I have a headache she gets it. If she has a stomach ache I get it. We have even experienced the same nightmares! Once my headache goes back to normal hers reaches a climax and she sends it back. Then the circle continues. We both have REFUSED to take any pills unless the situation is DIRE. Which it rarely is. =)

One night a group of friends went over to her house for a few games of cards, some gossip, and (for my advantage) some time to get away from home. Me and two of my friends were playing cards, two others were on the floor wrestling over anna's phone and anna was int the other room. Long story short I got hit square in the face with the phone.

Before I could register what had happened I herd Anna drop to the floor and start screaming. She walked in with a bloody nose soon to point out my own. We had never really told any of our friends about our 'Cousin Telepathy' until that night.

I have heard about this problem with twins, but we aren't twins. We're just really close. Is this normal? My mom has a hard time understanding.

I am an insomniac. Our problem is getting worse. Anna cant sleep now due to extreme nightmares. (thats how my insomnia started.) Also. She's having surgery for a problem and Her doctor said it will cause major stomach aches. (not that we hadn't already noticed)

Has anyone ever heard about this before? I heard about something else but its not telepathy. I forget the name. Telepathy is with trading thoughts. We trade dreams but that's it. Ideas for songs but that could just happen anyway. We trade pain, sickness, horror, happynes, bruises, cuts, sprains, so on and so forth.

Any ideas on the subject? Have you found a helpful website on it? I am also paranoid. Should she worry about that as well?

Comments are helpful. Thanks.

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do you both fart at the same time?
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I think that your cousin doesn't exist and that this is all in your head.

You are the SAME PERSON.
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This is not a scientific answer, but I think people can connect in ways that are much deeper than commonly realized. Try not to overthink this connection. It's extraordinary and probably real.
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You's storeh be way too lon' Misseh, now tell ol' Jemima, which one of yo' lesbies likes bress'-milk pancakes??
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Dear op Your a liar and have seen x men one too many times is the world not a cool enough place already without you making up some supernatural crap
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Okay, so scientifically, I can't think of any reasons why this makes sense, but it does. My cousin and I have the same problem. I only say problem, because we both have experienced intense stomach pains. Ever since we were little, we've been best friends. Our friendship honestly feels like we are more like sisters. I think having a connection with someone that is deep, you will see that you are mentally and physically connected too. When she is sad, I feel sad. When she is sick, I feel sick. When her stomach hurts intensely, so does mine. We don't even have to be around each other or know the other is in pain. It's just like we find out later on that we were experiencing the same thing at the same time. She got bad side pains and so did I. It turns out it was her gall bladder and she got it out. After that, I got really bad pains in my gall bladder. It's crazy but I went to the doctor and they said they might need to take mine out too. I'm still feeling the pain and even though she doesn't have a gall bladder, she still is feeling the same pain I am. Our moms are sisters and also best friends. They joke that she will fell that way until I get mine out. :/ idk I totally believe you though.
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Way too fucking long, and probably doesn't even involve cunnilingus.
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people think twins are telepathic but alot of people think it's just because they grow up togther, eat the same foods and do the same things and are pritty much "one persion". so it might just be that you and your cousion shared so much togther that it seams like telepathy.
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it's certainly not normal. but it is a good thing. you grew up with a soulmate. lol. but seriously, it's good to have such a strong relationship with someone. stick together no matter what. keep that connection. try reading each other's minds (it's possible. i can read my friends mind and he can read mine, but we are not close)
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Is there anyway that maybe you ARE sisters? Like there was some shady shitt going on before you were old enough to know? It happens. Not that it would explaine anything but it would make the situation more believable. Good luck. I hope shes not too sick.
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this can happen to people simply becaues they grow up in the exact same enviroment which is why it mostly happens with twins because not only is their enviroment the same but their genes as well. I would say that this is either because you both have grown up the exact same way or that when you tell eachother that you have a headache or something the other developes one too, this can happen when you are worried or stressed and by telling the other that you have a headache you could be making them worry and thus develope their own headache, I actually get headache's quite easily when my family gets into arguements and when I calm everyone down I find that my headaches subside

hope I helped some what, and good luck :D
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omg!!!!me and best friend are like that..i know what and mii bff got a nose bleed at the exact same time..we found out cause mii mom called mii bffs was so creepy cause we even got sick together...i kno exactly how you feel!
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not really normal but wicked cool. you two should be happy to be so unique.
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