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Crazy idea for a photo shoot? would this be crossing a line?
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Going to start off with a little background info since this could be confusing. This will involve 2 people. The first person is a friend who is also a photographer. We both study photography. His name is Ryan.

The second person is another guy from school that I am absolutely head over heels in love with. I have been for a while. But he's taken, sadly. His name is Skyler. He knows I really like him, and he's really cool about it. He also flirts with me a lot. I personally have photographed him a few times for various assignments and he's down for pretty much anything. But this might be a little wild even for him.

Here's the story. Me and Ryan were in the darkroom one night talking about photo shoots. I had a picture of Skyler drying on the rack and he saw it. And we started talking about it. Then Ryan jokingly said "I'd like to do a nude photo shoot with him." Then I jokingly replied "Yas, and I'd gladly be a studio assistant for that!" But the thing is, I don't want to just be standing in the corner looking all weird. What if I was modeling nude as well? So here's how I would go about scheming this, I'd be like "Ryan, what if you did a nude photo-shoot with BOTH me and Skyler? That way it wouldn't be weird if you just only asked him? I mean since we were joking about it. But what if it could actually be a thing? But see, you'd have to sell it as STRICTLY your idea. Because he knows I like him and he might think its weird if he thinks I'm in on it. I'm not doing it to be weird, I promise. I just think it would be a cool experience since I've never modeled nude (only topless) and it would be a way of expressing my feelings without crossing any lines, especially since hes taken.

But does this cross a line? I mean, if its supposedly "Ryan's" idea...WHICH IT WAS. Hes the one that initially brought it up. What are your thoughts on it? First I would have to talk it over with Ryan. And he would have to talk it over with Skyler to see how he feels about it and what hes comfortable with. I'm not talking about doing anything totally crazy or kinky. Just an elegant, mildly sensual nude portrait shoot. Hes just simply beautiful. Inside and out. Hes the sweetest person I think I've ever met.but he's Really tall, nice wavy longish hair, pretty skin, and a devilishly handsome face that looks as if it was carved by angels. Like i said, this isn't just me being weird. I keep having dreams about him being nude, but they aren't sexual or lustful dreams. In the dreams, I see him and it seems like that's how he's supposed to be and its beautiful.
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Basically, Ryan made a suggestion jokingly (probably to admire how handsome Skyler is), and you fucking derailed at the thought and started scheming. Girl, get yourself together and stop this crazy shit. You know it's not a quest for beauty or all the nonsense you tried to sell us on, you're just obsessed with this man and you need to ACTIVELY work toward moving on.
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I like how it's 2016 and you're still developing pictures in a dark room lol
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It's pretty normal, i still shoot on film too. I think digital will never replace analogue in terms of experimental colours and the texture of a gelatin-silver printed photograph.
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Someone's going to have a good day and night
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I think you're being a little unfair to Skyler's boyfriend. Maybe you should ask for his opinion about this photoshoot before Ryan asks Skyler and find out his real thoughts about it. But you said it, if you really think Skyler likes you too, You should go for it. Afterall, everything is for art and love, isn't it?
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Just admit that you want to see Ryans schlong and you want him to see your naughty bits!
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