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Crossdressing brother
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I caught my brother in my moms clothes about 2 years ago when I came home early and after laughing and all that and threatning to tell he promised me stuff and so I didnt tell on him Now when our parents go out he dresses up most every time and for the last year I have been helping him do it I help with hair make up and some dressing especiall the garter belts Now we have started going out together shopping and stuff as two girls Ive even introduced him to friends as our cousin The "normal"is.. now I get real turned on when we are out and when we come home etc., watching him as a Lady etc., I get evn more excited and have to relieve myself.. ALOT what do you think?
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It's ok, ad if your really turned on, share that with him, maybe you can take it to another step, and if he is gay, you can use a strap on, I do the to alot of stright guys, and they love anal, after all, you been keeping his secrect, he should be willing to help you with yours, and you will be even closer!
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I think this site has the most "What The Fuck" moments ever.
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Definitely not normal, and actually quite unhealthy. Maybe you just have a secret desire to cross-dress or have sex with a cross-dresser. I personally don't mind a man in a miniskirt but if it's your brother... that isn't healthy and you should tell your mother you need therapy.
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If he gets you excited enough to have to fart like that, you might want to keep a can of Oust (tm) around.... and kill urself u fukin shitface not nrmal!!!!!111111111111
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it's considered gay, i don't think it is though, it's sick if you use your mothers clothes though, i always wanted to dress up in hello kitty clothes, use your sisters clothes
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wtf just watch this it'l cure your gay brother
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I think Daddy did not do a good job.
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hahaha.... this is too much!!! a cross-dressing brother and incest-ing sister
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I think you want to fuck him, & I think it's a good idea.

Make sure you do it without a condom so you can have a retarded baby to remember this by.
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It's not normal to relieve yourself because you are turned on by your brother/sister --- that's absolutely not normal.

It is normal for straight men to crossdress and not be gay, that happens more than you'd think.

But seriously, it's your family member, that's gross in my opinion.
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Fake crossdresser fantasy story. You're the crossdresser, not your bro. We all know it.
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