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Deja vu all the time?!
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IIN to have Deja vu all the time?

There are periods of time when I'll have a Deja vu moment once or twice a week for a month and then not again for a while.

I've even had the same Deja vu moment several times as if I keep on reliving the same moment in my life over and over again. It creeps me out sometimes.
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You could have jamais vu, or never seen. Like you forget people, places, things, etc.
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I read a good explaination of what the deja vu experience is a little while ago. Basically it said that the feeling of deja vu is the illusion created because of the difference in perceiving an experience and your mind processing it.
It's normal, just enjoy the querky experience!
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i can predict wat's ganna happen next while having de ja vu. And i have it at least twice a day(:
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well from some of the stuff ive researched deja vu is a side effect of precognition dreams. or dreams that predict the future. deja vu is a way of your body indicating you have been here before (been there in the dream that may be) and in some specific cases deja vu can be the confirmation that the event in the dream is occuring right now
(wether you realize it or not)
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Opiate: That sounds really interesting. I enjoy reading and researching physcology and how the human brain works You've inspired me to read some more into Deja vu and other things we strange beings experience. Poster: you are very normal
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I get it heaps
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Didn't I answer this question yesterday? Just kidding, but yea it could be due to insufficient sleep. Go get some rest :)
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I get it a lot too. Our brains like to repeat certain synapses just to keep us interested. Brains are like that, when you're bored they find a new way to mess with you.
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Someone is pushing the worlds replay button to many times. :D
No Just kidding
But I don't know.
Normal.. Maybe not..
Don't ask.
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I have that all the time normal I think
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been there ur not phycic ur retarded
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Just a trick of the mind :) Get more sleep. Or rather stop sleeping at work :P
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