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Dick comparison?
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Sometimes after i take a nice poop i usually get up and before i flush i hurry up and get my dick hard then i compare the size of my dick to my turd. i personally think its fun cause either way you this normal?
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Comments (7)
It sounds like fun, although I haven't had a solid shit for three and a half years so I can't do it.
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thats a very original idea
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here's something to try...

next time you go to the store get some cashews...
then when you get morning wood. place a cashew on the tip and slowly pull down... then see how many times it takes you to get the cashew in your mouth...

don't use peanuts.. they tend to go rouge
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I would do that... except I'm alleric to chashews
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My gosh u just made me laugh soo hard thanks
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You should compare it to something more substantial and full if pride, like a tree.
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