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I want a didlo, im only 15 and my parents dont know that i look at porno and stuff.

got any good ideas that i can use for a dildo?
stuff u can find around ut house

thanks 4 da help!!
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Didlo??? Dildos I have heard of, not "Didlo." Check out some masurbation sites for women (Im assuming ure a gurl) they have tips and tricks 4 ure benefit. Lube up some cucumbers, carrots etc. and try em, c how u go, and y not experiment, try lots of stuff.
Peace Out
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@: Oracle
What are some good masterbating sites?
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@: oreo369
Well, i found this website that has "recipes" for homemade sex toys. I have never used any one of the homemade sex toys. You could try though. Heres a link:

Hope it helps...
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I use a cheese grater.
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are u a guy or girl
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you can put your mobile on vibrate and dial the number or if you have a game console use the vibrating control put them in your pantys and away you gooooooooo
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Try an electric tooth brush.
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uh use the shower head,electric toothbrush, electirc razor, ..or just use your finger...dont try any bananas btw.
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well you could use a fat marker
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I will buy you all the toys you want if I watch you play.
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peeled cucumber.

you can even eat it afterwards. (JK)
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