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Different Kinds Of Pussies
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Is it normal to think about seeing different kinds of pussies and fucking them and doing things with them ( you know what kinds of things )
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a bunch of guys commenting on vaginas and odds are none of them have actually seen one in real life.
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All pussies look the same, it is just the labia that come in different colours and sizes.
I think that's normal i think about it too.
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a hole is a hole, but still they are different. as wokstar said, labia have different colors and sizes, some are narow some are not. some shaved some hairy, eccecntricweird talked about asian girls, well... not hairy...that is a jungle!!
some smell bad some smell terrible some have very little smell, some have more inner wrinkles than others,
YES i think is normal to think about it..
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sure its normal
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