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Do all people have horrible/psycho thoughts
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At what point does one cross the line? I know it is "when they become actions". But what about when you post your thoughts online? For example we've had some users who write in a way that disturbs the other users. But what if that's just their thoughts? Do you still think they are a bad person just for writing them out? Does everyone have horrible psycho thoughts, but they never leave their head? And if so how do you keep the thoughts from bothering you to get out?
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I keep the thoughts from bothering me by having a life or otherwise sleeping them off.

I count "writing" as an action. If the person goes online and starts telling their psychotic thoughts to other people, yeah, I think they're a bad person. For example, if someone cuts you off on the road, it's the difference between just shooting them a middle finger and going about your day, or texting a friend that you would love to chop this guy's head off with a hatchet and wear the entrails to work. The second one implies that this is bothering you way more than it should.

Besides that, some people just post their negative thoughts too often. It can be therapeutic to let that stuff out, but if it's every other post, maybe they should see a psychologist. Or a psychiatrist.
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@: Anonnet
very true. A very high percentage of posts on this site are negative. A disturbing amount are highly aggressive and speak of violence. This is disturbing because if only a small amount of these people who are like this act out their thoughts alot of people will be hurt physically or mentally by their actions.
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Not everyone does (I know 'cause I certainly don't) but I have known people in real life who casually express desires to do harm to people.. I assume they're just idle thoughts (I've never known them actually carry the actions out) but it does sometimes sound disturbing.
I've certainly distanced myself from some people because of such behaviour.
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Ever heard of guro?
Its a great fucking outlet.
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