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Do guys poop and fart around each other like nothing?
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I've seen a lot of YouTube vids either guys fart on each other's faces or video tape each other taking a poo while laughing at them. So, do guys really poop and fart around each other like no big deal? I actually think that's pretty cool. IIN?
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Uh well I don't really poop around my friends but farts happen who cares, if you fart in my face however I'm going to hit you up side the head.
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Many guys find it no big deal to fart or poop around each other. Men will reasonably often fart in public restrooms without shame and if other men are in the restroom when we are going poo most of us will not hold it in until the other men leave, we will just fart and make any pooping noises we need to and not care that other men hear it and the other men that hear it do not mind one bit. Us men see it as "if you walk into a public toilet you expect to hear it as it is a toilet after all."

Women think that men are turned off when they fart or poop but the truth is most of us honestly do not care when women do it either. Some men care when women do it just like some women care but most men honestly do not mind at all. Actually women that are not shy about it are often seen by men as comfortable with who they are and an easy going type of person and men like women that are comfortable with who they are as a person and women that are easy going people that know how to have a laugh.

I personally do not mind when women fart or poop. Women are humans with the similar digestive systems to men and need to fart and poop as well.

Us men in general are not grossed out if men do it and not grossed out if women do it either.
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Kinda yes at least everywhere I've ever been with guys yes
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Yea guys dont really care.

Same with eating with some guys.
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Eating farts and poop? You got some weird friends man
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I didnt say eating farts haha

I just meant farting around each other
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I've never pooped next to anyone, It isn't normal for me at the very least.
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One thing i dont like is when im shittin in a cubicle and someone goes in the one next to me and shits. Its like tandem shitting
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