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Do I have Daddy issues?
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I'm 18, and since I was about 12, I've always been attracted to older guys.
Surprisingly enough, I only lost my v-tag at 18, and it was to someone a few days younger than me. But it only lasted a couple of weeks, and a month later I ended up meeting a guy who's a few years older than me.

We've been dating for a few months now. His age attracted me originally, if I'm honest. It's all crashing and burning now because of how he's treating me, but that's a whooole 'nother story. I've put it on here, if you want to read it. If it passes the moderation, that is.

To me, older is better. I'm not talking like a straight up 20 year age gap here. Mid 20's is perfect, actually. Still just about socially acceptable, but fills that older guy craving that I have.
And this is going to sound messed up, but being...disciplined by an older guy is so insanely hot to me.

I'll show you what I mean. I was doing my coursework at my boyfriend's place recently, but I couldn't concentrate on it at all so I started distracting him to procrastinate. He knows that I have attention span issues when it comes to my coursework, so he turned all disciplinary on me and I LIKED it.

Also, to add to the cliché here: absentee father, cut contact with him when I realised how much of a deadbeat he really is. I've not had a 'father figure' in my life since I was about 5, really. My mum isn't around either.
So, am I seeking out some weird parental figure in the guys I date? I'm literally cringing as I write this. For the most part, I'm mentally adjusted. It's just this weird Daddy issue thing.

And yes, I am into DDLG, for what it counts. He freaking loves it because he gets called Daddy... particularly when I do depraved things.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's time to stop going into detail there. But yeah, I digress.

Do I have father issues?
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After everything you said?

... Yeah, probably.
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All women have some form of "daddy issues".
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Make it short.
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