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Do many other girls go without panties?
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I am 20, female. I do not wear underwear... ever except when I need to use feminine products every month.
How many others don't wear panties? Is it normal?
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Comments (8)
well i always wear underwear but i knowlots of girls who don't its normal in my opinion
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I couldn't go without, though thongs are pretty close to nothing! lol
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Hot hot hot !!
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I am a woman who only wears panties when she has to. I wear them to work and to university and that is about it.

At home? No panties

Summer? No panties

Partying? No panties
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Love your girls with or without the only think with out used panties I would have to ask that you let me put my nose in your crotch as I masturbate.
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Good for you is sexy, although sexy underwear makes you girls even sexies...but if you have the ody and attetude it is a great turn-on.
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NICE !!!
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im a dude and i often go without underwear. its not a sex thing, its just, comfort
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