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Do you get stupid as you age?
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I need to know as you age do you get stupid? I have developed dislexia with my numbers that I never had when I was younger. I hear the numbers on the phone and write them down in a totally different order and I am totally trying to do it right. I forget everything and my mind goes totally blank. Now I am not that old, Im 40 and I dont think I am senile yet. Is it normal to start losing your abilities this young? will it just get worse? My friends think its funny and that I am just being a blonde but I am not amused. I have a job to do and many years left to function. Can anyone help?
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By all means schedule an appointment with your doctor and get checked out. Explain exactly what you posted to us. There are many diseases whose onset does not begin until middle adulthood. You shouldn't have any mental impairment by age 40, what you describe is an indicator something is wrong, raises red flags. See a doctor, get a referral to a specialist if need be. Good luck.
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ohhh i have the same problem too...example...when i put something on the microwave to warm it up...then later i just eat a different food. The next day, i found out there is a food i left yesterday. And i'm only 24....You know what... I bought the Focus pills at Costco... It's help me a lot...The pharmacist told me that the professor in college, he bought a lot of it.. he even told her that it helps him to remember what he's doing and if he doesn't take it...he forgets thing....
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Im 38 and couldnt do half the crap they taught at school. I still think that we are smarter than the teenagers of today as all we had was a pen and paper. No calculators, comps etc.
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You are stupid only if the connections between ur brain cells die. Keep them insulated with fat by eating bread and constantly training ur brain
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uoy etah I
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funny smitty we all know that that says i hate you backwards
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Hate to sh*t you up, but to me, it sounds like Huntington's. Go to a doctor. ASAP.

And to the arse who said todays teens aren't smart, don't stereotype, gets ya in trouble :P
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i agree with the posters telling you to see a doctor.
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yeah, we get stupid when we age. that's why you see 2 year old brain surgeons.
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HHmmmI dunno...I can't
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poster, it sounds like you have some disease.

But regarding weather you get dumber as you get older, it all depends.. largely on what you are doing.
If you just stare at the wall then yes, your brain slowly diminishes.
Like a muscle that's never used.

But if you are smart and know the way to high self esteem and self fulfillment, you will never allow that to happen.
Quite the contrary you will be growing almost all your life.
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I think im seriously stupid im in 7th grade an Im failing like 5 classes lol
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