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Do you have to post annonomusly?
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A week and some days ago I made a post and a user commented to mind my business I was asking the OP. I was OP but I didn't post annonomusly he accused me of lying. And right now looking though recent posts he told another user to mind his business on a post for not posting annonomusly. Then he said something about cock is the word people use in this day and age lol. Do you have to post as "Annonomus Poll Creater" when you are answering comment on your post?
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No you don't, he's just an imbecile.
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Ignore that particular person, he's not worth bothering about so don't take anything he says seriously.
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The user you refer to in your post is a "one of a kind person", hahaha. After all who else could be King Masturbator of IIN but him? Who else could win the Lone Boner Fapathon and win their Grand Prize of a lifetime supply of inflatable sheep? Who else but him has spilled so much semen without ever being anywhere near a woman? Without him and his ilk, this world would actually be a better place.
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*Anonymously | Anonymous

Sorry, I had to.
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In general, I think it's better to post as "Anonymous Poll Creator" because it makes it immediately clear to everyone what's going on. But there's certainly no rule that you have to.

As an example: Say I ask "Is it normal my cats sometimes fall off furniture?"

And then post (as Couman) "I've got one cat in particular that sleeps on the bookshelf and always falls off."

Reading that you'd have no way of knowing whether I'm the OP giving more details, or someone else confirming that they've seen this too.
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What's an OP?
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Original Poster
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