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Do you stick toilet paper with your finger in your anus to clean it?
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I take the toilet paper as usual and stick it with my finger deep inside of my anus. Seriously, it is the only method I know of to get it really clean and malodorless.
As you know, the rectal sphincter bends itself to the inside if you apply pressure to it and it contracts after the process of defecation to stop the excretion of more material (because the peristaltic colon activity remains another 5-15 minutes or so).

I can't imagine that another method exists. You have to do it like that, male or female.
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Sounds painful. A wet wash cloth with soap & water would probably work too.
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What do you put on it after you finish washing? I normally put on baby powder. Do you have any other suggestions?
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Tobasco sauce.
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Eww humans are gross! by I need to go lick my self!
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