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Does an uncircumsized penis look like this?
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Just the other day when i was masturbating i realized that my penis' skin wasn't going all the way back. as i was doing it i saw that the skin completely covered the head and there was some extra skin. ive tried to pull the skin back while its erect, but when i stops at the end of the head. and i feel that if i pull down harder it might getting kinda worried because when i have sex how will the skin go all the way back? is this normal?
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Yes it's normal, but the foreskin should be able to pulled back all the way allowing the forehead to expose easily. If you cannot do that, see you doctor and schedule a circumcision.
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Sounds like you need to stretch your foreskin a little. Skin is VERY elastic (think about women giving birth) and the foreskin is no exception... in fact foreskin skin is some of the most elastic skin on the body.

Play with your foreskin, use your fingers and pinch the skin (it won't hurt) and pull it open like a coin purse. Hold for about 30 seconds and release. Repeat this several times. You should be able to pull the skin all the way back exposing the entire glans (head) after a while. If at first you don't succeed... try try again.

If your head is already being 100% exposed, and you are worried about the part where the foreskin attaches to the head (called the penile frenulum) then don't be worried about it. Thats why women get wet when they are aroused, makes penises slide in and out better. Vag not wet enough, go get some KY jelly... s'all good.
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you should pull untill it rips,its like opening a new toy,you gotta break the seal.
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