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Does wearing womens underwear make me gay?
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I don't know why, but ever since I was 12 I've had a thing for panties. I don't know why it arouses me the way it does. Once when I was 13, my urges got the better of me and I ended up masturbating with a pair of my older sisters
panties. She walked in on me just as things were 'coming to a close'.....I've hated myself for not being able to kick this habit, but I can deal with the self-loathing. What I want to know is, does this mean I'm gay?
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I just love to wear panties to bed mostly with my nightgowns and a splash of perfume for a heavenly night's sleep. I used to dress up femme underneath all my male clothing but I was afraid I would be detected and thought of as gay. I am not gay, I love oral sex and engage in it often with willing females who love to be licked between the legs. I am very good at it too.
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a fancy piece of cloth does not make you gay :)
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@: article
here, here
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its a boys fantasy to see a girl nude, which makes boys want to wear girl clothing.
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Your not gay. Look at Jeffree star and then see if you still think your gay.
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Definitely does not make you gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). Drag queens aside, the vast majority of guys who get off on wearing women's clothing are straight as an arrow.

Bottom line, unless you fantasize about making out or more with guys, whether or not you happen to be wearing panties, you're not gay.
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Jerking off into ladies' panties is normal. Men wearing ladies' panties is normal. If you dressed *completely* like a woman to jerk off, it would be normal.

And, no, you're not gay. How do you figure that enjoying masturbating while in the presence of womanly things makes a man gay? It's not like you're looking at the panties and getting all hot by thinking, "Oh, these would go so great with that shirtdress from Versace's fall line!"

No. You're rubbing your junk on something that a woman has rubbed her junk on. I don't see how that makes you gay.

The only thing you even might could have to feel bad about is stealing people's underwear. You know what you can do? Hit up a thrift store or a secondhand shop and buy your own pairs of women's underpants (they have them). That way you know a woman has worn them before (and it's a strange woman that you don't know, so she could be anyone, which, as I understand men, is kind of hot in the 'anonymous' sense), but they're clean and you haven't stolen them from anyone.

But come up with a good story for when you buy them (don't blurt it out, but be ready). Try not to look like you're doing something wrong (you aren't), and if anyone asks, you tell them that the fine weave makes them ideal for wiping up gear grease and motor oil. See? Cool, manly, and, by the way, *completely true*. Your neighbors will be cleaning their garages with used panties before you know it! :-)

Have fun!
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No, I dont think so. Just fantasy it seems like.
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PS Definitely jettison the self-loathing. You're not hurting anyone (I hope you replaced your sister's panties-- next time, just buy a few pairs on the internet). Sure, it must have been humiliating to have been caught, but it should just be that it was your sister and you were masturbating. I'm sure you didn't need her to know about your fetish, but it's really harmless, and putting aside forgetting to lock the door and it was a sibling, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

This is not a super common fetish, but not at all a rare one either, and I bet the right girlfriend at the right time in a relationship might actually find it hot. In any event, a fetish is never something you should feel ashamed of. You didn't choose to develop it, it just happened, and it does no harm.
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I admit that I've masturbated while wearing a womens skirt that I bought online. It is ok as long as you don't hurt others with it.
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It doesn't mean you're gay. It's just something that you like to do!
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You're not gay. And women's underwear isn't just for women, despite the word 'women'. ;)
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Baby boy, you are not gay! Unless you think about sucking boy stick while getting banged in the backside AND wearing girl's panties. Most definitely not if you're all messed up on cocaine or ecstacy and just want to feel everything around you... like wearing panties, or grabbing someone's cock, or putting WET on your backside and having someone stuff you simply to stretch your hole so that you can feel the endorphines rush through your body... YOU ARE NOT GAY!
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Nah you're not gay, unless you're kissing another man, then you're gay. But if a woman can go walking down the street wearing anything she wants and nothing is said, then why can't a man?.. If it's something you like, then I see no harm in doing it!
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I do it too sometimes I think its weird but it gets me so hard plus no harm done they are just my step sister ;)
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i have jerked with several pairs at once and it gives me mind blowing huge loaded orgasms. i told my wife while we masturbated together one night. she asked me to show her what i do. so slid my cock right between the silk covering her the litte hair on her pussy and begin rubbin the tip until the precum had formed a puddle. she then took those panties off plopped down her wonderful ass onto my face and let me lick and tonguefuck her pussy and ass while she pinched and tweeked my nipples while slowly rubbing those part silk part lace panties all over my cock. causing a huge erupting surge of cum to begin coming through them. she said since she help indulge a fantasy of mine then she wanted one in return. at that point she rung the cum out of the panties and into my mouth and we shared one of the deepest most passionate kisses we have ever shared. don't be afraid to try new and kinky things. the will brighten your world and bring you closer. now she has me where the panties before and while we fuck and i lick my cum out of her pussy and feed it to her just like she like.. win win situation
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