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Dream about guns and fire?
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I had a dream where I was in a SWAT team and we were running around a building with endless floors, shooting an infinite amount of hostile domestic terrorists. After hours and hours of this, my AR-15 disappeared and I thought "Oh shit, my gun is gone" and then that part of my dream ended. Suddenly I was in my room and I was holding a bottle of gasoline, but for some reason, I didn't know it had gasoline in it. I lit a match and threw it in the bottle, which lit on fire. Afraid of burning my hand, I threw it across the room. I have no military or law enforcement experience. Is it normal?
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Swat 4 is a terrific game.
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@: felixy
What's SWAT 4?
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Go take a dump. Notice the interesting textures as the shit slides thru your butt.
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