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Dream about the same guy?
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I had a crush from October 2015 till April. This guy used to go to my elementary/primary school but that was from 13-17 years ago. We never went to the same senior school but now that I'm in Uni, I'm getting dreams about him all the time. Especially this summer. Almost every day of July/August, I had a dream about me and him being 10 again and being together doing some stuff. In our elementary!
And the most weirdest thing of all is that I don't get dreams of him in the weekdays. It's mostly holidays. I don't even like him anymore. I've told my friends this and they said it isn't normal. IIN?
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The more you think about it the more you'll just dream about it.
Dreams are just dreams, though. No big deal. I kept dreaming about one of my friends before even though I didn't even like them romantically.
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