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Dressing for school
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Well up early this morning wife was off to slimming world. So I had tons of office work to get through and went up to my office, as I got going noticed the lights come on in the house across from me wow the girl was getting ready for school now she used to do this some time ago and I did post the story, but today she seems to have grown a bit bigger
I watched out of interest as any male would!!??? Oyster coloured bra then white blouse on followed with clean panty and black tights!?! Made my day thanks girl.
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Nope, sorry, you sack of shit asshole, not every male is a creepy degenerate who likes ogling minors.
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I hope she looked good. Did you get hard. I wonder if she knew you were watching her and was putting on a show.
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Probably. I can't imagine you'd get changed standing in the window, lights on and curtains open, if you didn't get gratification from the thought of someone watching you.

She's an exhibitionist.

That said, she's still underage and you seem fully aware of it OP and stared anyway. For shame.
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Just like you, dumbass hypocrite. Just look at yourself, asking random kids on this site if you can suck them off and fuck them, you even put the name of one of them as part of your profile without her permission. Fucking creep.
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