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Dyslexics' brains are wired wrong.
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I've had many girlfriends who suffer from dyslexia. I'm sick of hearing their excuses to why texting doesn't count at all as communication. Just admit you can barely read, and you'd rather a phonecall instead of giving a million reasons texting is stupid. Your the one who's got the problem, not everybody else. The dyslexia ruins other areas of thought obviously not just spelling and reading.
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At least it's easier to tell when they're lying because their brain mixes up the chronology of events.
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I don't have that.
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I don't have it but i would take a phone call over texting every single time, texting seems so limited, i text all the time and it's pretty much always catch ups or the odd random thought but then i phone my best mate and we can talk for hours
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i wouldn't say their brains are wired "wrong", just differently. i think that they may be insecure, probably because of negative messages they receive, like how this question was worded. if we tell people that their disabilities are wrong, they're liable to internalize that, which has negative effects but, if we make a world and environment that's accepting and accommodating towards disability, then everything works out better for everyone and nobody has to feel ashamed anymore. i think maybe, if this is how poorly you think of them, you should stop dating dyslexics.
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Texting is for short messages i.e late from work very busy.

Talking is for when you need to explain.
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dyslexias a mental problem that makes it hard to read imagine someone spelt without vouls and you would probably understand the level of frustation i have dislexia though i can read at a college level but cant spell for shit in any of the languages i know (example of what i was taking about: dyslxs mntl prblm tht mks t hrd t rd mgn smn splt wtht vls nd y wld prbbly ndrstnd th lvl f frsttn hv dslx thgh cn rd t cllg lvl bt cnt spll fr sht n ny f th lnggs knw)
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