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Ears Ring / Kinda Deaf After Sex
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Sometimes after sex my ears have this weird feeling, it sounds like I'm kind of underwater; or like theres been a loud bang next to my ears and they are ringing. Does anyone else ever get that? And no, it's not because I'm having sex underwater or because I have a cap gun.
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Comments (9)
Blood rushes to your head during sex, and if you don't exercise enough, your body is less and less adapted to this extra stress and it feels like a flashbang just went off.

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Your semen is clumpy?
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Maybe its your sex partner.

IS she yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs while you are having sex.

Or is she just laughing hysterically!!!!
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like i really care

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hmm sounds like that first comment was right
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nah maybe shes just a sreamer man
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Your orgasm was so intense your neurons in your brain temporarily short circuited.

That's good!
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my soon to be ex goes temp. blind. to much blood rushing.
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Definetly normal. Happens to me too. Might have to do with having lower blood pressure, like if you stand up too quickly.
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