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Eat my own semen
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Is it normal that I like to eat my own semen after I masturbate? Not every time, but some times I get really turned on by the thought of eating my own. I usually lose the desire to after I ejaculate, but if I really want to, I get in a position where my penis is aimed directly at my mouth. I do this by laying on my back and when I get close, rolling up on my shoulders with my penis above my face. When I orgasm, there is no choice but for it to go right in my mouth.

I like the taste, and don't feel bad or guilty afterward. I only have a desire to taste my own. I figure if my wife can eat it, why not me? Is this something other guys do?
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That makes me feel sick.
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me too...
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Cool story bro.
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I have always told people. "If I was lucky enough to be able to fellate myself, I would insult myself by spitting!"
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Great party trick.
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You such a troll
If your wife does it tell me you never kissed afterwords.
I shouldn't even be answering this but what the hell!!!
Either you know nothing about life or you are a troll.
I guess both!!!!!!!!!!
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You are a fucking idiot and have your head up your ass. Tell me how eating my own semen says I know nothing about life? I think most men have wondered about it or have tried it.

I haven't kisses my wife after she's given me head. More her, than me. I think she just doesn't think I warm to.

You are such a dumb fucking asshole. I shouldn't justify your post.
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@: Phil01
You are very rude. Instead of talking, change ideas, you just swear.
No need for such.
Good evening. (TMG+2)
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I used to do the same thing. While masturbating the urge to eat my semen would be intense, but as soon as I started to ejaculate the urge would immediately evaporate. I could not even force myself to take a taste. I have done the trick with my legs over my head and shoot directly into my mouth, but could not swallow it. I started to watch "eating cream pie videos" and did on a couple of occasions get my wife to let me do it. The taste then was exciting. I then found that I could eat my semen after ejaculating. After a while I really started to like the taste and now always eat it all. My only regret is that as I got older the quantity of my semen is now very small, but so tasty. I now have thought of what it would be like to suck it right out of a penis.
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It does seem odd that the urge to eat your own semen is so common. I wonder why that is.
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