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Ok so I just turned 18 and I have probably had more sex partners than a lot of girls my age and now I am sick of sex and I just want my pussy ate. One day a guy friend pissed me off bcuz he didn't eat my pussy...we never had sex and I didn't ask him to eat me but we were fooling around and the fact that he didn't eat me gave me reason to kick him out my dorm room . I have gotten rid of guys who say thats not there style, and don't get me wrong I have had this done WAY MORE times than I've had sex but it addictive.There has only been about three guys who didn't, and I will really HATE a guy if he says he doesn't eat pussy......I will not be in a relationship unless I know I will get ate out.....and I met this guy that I really like we have been talking for about three months I can REALLY see myself in the future with HIM. We are starting to get serious and I do not know if he eats pussy or not but if he doesn't there is a 99.8%% chance I will leave him and I DONT want to leave him but I cant help it what do I do? How do I kick this habit!!!!!......I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY!!!
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Comments (7)
I agree wit ya girl......Its a must..They Eat me out.then I return the favor
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If you really like him get him to eat if he wont then I dont blame you for getting rid of him I have to eat pussy befor a fuck
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Wow, long post.
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Deja Vu?
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if you really liked him you wouldnt break up with him just because he might not eat out your pussy. And if you decide to stay with him even if he doesnt do the 'dirty deed' but still want him to do it, take away a sexual actvitiy you usually do 4 him until he does it.
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You would be perfect for me. I could spend a lifetime eating out my woman and nothing else. I could spend the rest of my life only eating out my woman whenever she wants it, for as long as she wants it...and that's it. Sounds like you are absolutely perfect for me sexually.
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