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Every time I see a friend he grabs my butt
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Every time I see a friend he grabs my butt. In fact, earlier today I saw him in line at a restaurant and I got his attention and said Hi. The first thing he said is "come over here and let me grab your butt." I gave him a hug and he gave me a good squeeze, haha, sorry but it makes me laugh.

I think he is a really cool guy. He has so many friends, is very funny, and good looking. He is obviously full of confidence. Other than grabbing my butt he doesn't really make other sexual passes at me, but I would be kind of afraid to be alone with him in a room. I'm sure if I was in a serious relationship he would respect me, and I really don't do anything to stop him grabbing me. He actually makes me smile, and I kind of want to go to the beach with him and lay on my stomach in a bikini to see what he does, lol. So do you think he is normal grabbing my butt all the time or do you think I should avoid him even though I think he's so funny?
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I wish I was 14 again.
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You're allowing him to do it, so you must like it. Really, it makes you look cheap and easy, and could give other guys the same idea. You should either tell him he can have a piece of your ass in private, and keep his hands to himself in public.
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why when i do it they don't like it.
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If you smile and/or give a laugh every time he grabs your butt, then you are encouraging him to do it, and he thinks you like it (and that it is some kind of inside joke). If you don't like it, then get really uncomfortable and tell him (in a serious voice) not to do it.

And for goodness sake, people need to confront people if they have a problem with how they act around them, instead of just getting upset and never speaking to them again, even though the problem could have been easily fixed with a simple conversation.
Most people aren't jerks/assholes because they want to be, they just don't know some friends may have a problem with it when it's towards them, so if you simply ask for them to stop, then most of them will. If they don't stop the behavior towards you, THEN you know they are a real asshole and you should avoid them.
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No, grabbing someone's buttocks in public is usually considered uncouth, depending on the situation (at some parties or dances, for instance, it might be acceptable). He should show some self-restraint, until an appropriate situation arises. Then, it should usually be a mutual thing.

Why would you want him to 'look back' at you? That's what 'respect' means. Wouldn't you rather have him like, love or cherish you?
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well he's found a way to get a chunk of trunk in a joking lighthearted manner as to not make you feel uncomfortable, I say he's done well.

If he's your friend and you don't mind him grabbing your ass then there's no need for you to avoid him. If he was to keep doing it while you are in a relationship with someone else, then yes, I would be avoiding him.
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Well I know a lot of guys who like to do this to chicks. They also like to slap up girls tits. If you like it maybe you like him and maybe he likes you. Why dont you ask him about it since you seem to enjoy when he does this.
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When a guy grabs your butt he wants you sexually. Also if he does it in public he either: disrespectful or arrogant, OR, ignorant to what others might (and you)
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"come over here and let me grab your butt."
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You must have a incredible butt!
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He has no respect for you. He obviously feels like he can do whatever he wants with your body, and he's right...he can because there are no consequences.

Just because he's "cool" doesn't make it right. He can't even respect you as a friend.
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Rape 4 life <3
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Well, I wouldn't say it's normal in that lots of people have those kinds of relationships, but it's not crazy or unheard of. Being a Christian, I would never do that now, but before I was, when I was a teenager, yeah, I had a friend who was a girl with whom we would do mildly sexual things like that (though it never amounted to anything more).

It doesn't necessarily mean he wants a relationship, or that he has no respect for you (especially if you have known each other a long time). It's just like how you presumably aren't into him that way but you don't mind him doing it. It's kind of your guys' thing.
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Maybe he's not friends with you, but with your butt.
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Yes immature 12 year old boys like to do this. Solution:Kick him in the balls every time you see him. See if he ever touches you again.
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she said she likes him and enjoys when he touches her butt
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It's normal if you like it. If you don't, then make him stop. But if you don't really mind then I don't see the problem.
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Grab his balls and squeeze HARD
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