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Fart breath
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I just met a beautiful girl who really likes me, and the feeling is mutual. She looks like amanda peet and she is just so smart and a really nice person.

the problem is a bad case of fart breath. her breath smells just exactly like a fart. im talking 24/7, morning noon and evening.

What can be done about this, and is it normal for a person to constantly have fart breath?

Please please help. I think i might have something with this woman if she can only not have breath that smells like a flatulent anus!
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Comments (12)
Maybe she is not brushing her tounge. Amanda Peet is hot and I might look past the shit breath to be with her but I would have to do something about it still. Is this girl clean? Or is this a fake story?
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maybe she lets her lovers sh1t in her mouth.
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she may have a couple cavities that just may need to be badly taken care of. rotten teeth will often give a person horrid breath... the thing is, i have no idea how you would gently tell her her breath smells like ass- and should go to the dentist to check it out!
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buy her tic-tacs nd a family pack of listerine nd thro some gum in there 2
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maby she has hallytosis (yurk yurk) or maby she has gingervitus
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buy her a pack of mints
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I believe you because I have this same problem. It really stinks and would love to know what it is and how to treat it. If you find out please reply.
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does she eat her own shit?
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use your computer to right a massage saying AMANDA PEET HAS ASS-BREATH in big letters print out like 5 copies, fold them up and disperse them around your school. make sure no one is watching. the rumors should spread around and eventually get to her. then when she finally gets the message and her breath is nice, you can defend her honor.
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this reminds me of a disgusting video i watched today called "2 girls 1 cup" .... absolutely the most disgusting video on the internet
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