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Farting in easter eggs IIN
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Every once in a while my cousin (girl) will have to let one out. So what she does is gets something to put it in. A jar, cup, or one of those cheap plastic easter eggs. After she finishes, she will give the egg to her mom or a friend, telling them to open it and sniff. She thinks it's hilarious. She's 13 now btw.

Is this normal?
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You just made me realise how I haven't laughed at a story on IIN for what seems like ages. I used to get one big laugh a day, at least.

Anyway, thanks. This did make me laugh.
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What a classy girl. She'll have the men lining up in a few years.
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This story made my day!
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Wow!What a special talent she's been blessed with!
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hahahahahahahahahhaha laughing my fucking ass off omg hahahahahahaha
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Maybe if she was like 8 it would be a little more acceptable.

But this is still hilarious. BAHAHAHA
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This is ridiculous.
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