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Fear of large cereal boxes
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Ever since I was little I felt uneasy in bulk/wholesale stores that sell large sized boxes of cereal. A feeling like it wasn't really cereal in there. I still to this day feel uneasy around them.
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My mom always said, buying items in bulk from stores such as Sam's is bad luck. According to her, who's to say that when you buy 100 rolls of toilet paper today, you'll even live to see tomorrow?
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Sometimes your thoughts as a child aren't the most intelligent opinions of your life. Sounds like you need a better excuse.
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I found this quite funny, in a quirky and cute kind of way.

It reminds me of a time my sister and I went to a department store and we saw a huge bottle of Chanel perfume and my sister asked the sales assistant how much it cost and she said "oh it's just coloured water darling."
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I have a fear of the sugar crisp bear, for some reason that bear looks like he has ill intent to me. So yeah, if you ask me, if not just to make myself fear better, cereal based phobias are perfectly normal.
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well, it's normal to be scared of ordinary household items. For, example one of my friends are scared of magnets beacause she read and online article that if they're swallowed then it could do alot of internal damage, and i'm scared of big printers beacuse i might get stuck also staplers.
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Aww this made my day :)
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SAME HERE. It's creepy. It's like it somehow violates physics and it makes me uncomfortable. I grew up reading the back of cereal boxes and I got used to the standard size. Or maybe it's because I don't want to be eating out of the same box for a few months, I like the turnover rate of the standard cereal box. I don't want to be trapped in to eating coco puffs for more than a week, I'd go coo coo.
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I would try to worry about the things that are actually risky. Like moving cars (traffic), unattended pots on the stove, walking alone at night, pestacides, cigarettes, excessive alcohol use, illegal drugs, stuff like that.
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I can't imagine why anyone WOULDN'T feel this way. The part about not thinking it's really cereal is weird, but I get grossed out by the bulk sizes section at the store. Brr.
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