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Fear of vomit
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Since I was young, I feel unnecessarily disgusted and afraid when someone's ill. When I see people or animals puking, I always become anxious, and I never help them, cause I'm too worried about staying far away from that awful, acid, bad smelling liquid.
For me, it's an abnormal action of the body. Of course, people say this happens when something that is toxic to your organism is in your stomach and needs to be eliminated, but I can't cope with this fact!!!
Even when it happens to me, I'll use every available medicine to avoid being sick. Sometimes I feel full because I have gastritis, and even this makes me unsettled.
Is it normal to be afraid of vomiting or see other people puking in from of you? Please, tell me I'm not alone...
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Yes, it's normal. There's even a name for it, emetophobia.
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Well, if it's a phobia, of course it's not normal...
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I think I have this mildly. It's not an all-consuming fear or anything, but I do have a pretty strong aversion to being around anyone acting like they might be sick. I just really really don't wanna see it.
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Afraid? Maybe not. Contagious? Heck yeah, might want two mops.
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