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Feeling of full bladder
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I am female and I love the feeling of having a full bladder.It feels like close to having an orgasm. I sometimes deliberately hang on to a full bladder for that feeling. Sometimes,if I'm in a sitaution where there is someone I really fantasize about, I will drink a lot to get that feeling, then when in the safety of the toilet, I will pee and imagine the feeling as the same feeling that the man I think about having an orgasm.
I am not into watersports but I wonder if any female can realte to this!!
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No, you really aren't weird. I'm female and I do the same thing. I also drink a lot on purpose just so I can have a full bladder. You're right about that feeling when you really, really have to go, it almost feels orgasmic. Then when I masturbate while having to pee really really bad it is so totally wonderful.
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That is completely normal, I know thinking about pee makes my cl*t throb twice, kind of like an orgasm, but I can't get it to throb any more. Also, masturbating with a full bladder helps me too.
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You know, I once had a drinking contest with my fat freind which resulted in me drinking five pints of larger without going to toilet. I think it may have fucked my bladder up as I struggle to drink two pints without urinating and go to toilet much more often than I used to. Perhaps this is just old age or perhaps it was something to do with the contest. The main thing is I won, but perhaps you should considor he above whilst holding in you pee pee.
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You are sick and should die.
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