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Fetish for being beaten and bruised
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I want to be beaten up during sex and I want it to not only be very painful, but I want to be covered in bruises after the person I'm with is done beating me. I really hate myself and I wish every night that I could be beaten so hard by someone who hates me just as much. I feel like suffering for someone can give me a purpose. I love the thought of having bruises litter my body and being in a lot of pain for the next few weeks.
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yeah, the reality is you'll hate being hit and want it to stop immediately.
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No its not bloody well normal.ffs.
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My first question. Were you raped?
My second question, did your father beat you?
My third question, Did your father rape and beat you?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is why you are a masichist.
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Attention seeker pies off
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pain is a turn on for some like having your balls kicked
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I love pulling the hairs out of the bruises with tweezers. Real slow like.
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I beat my cock up ( and down ) on a regular basis

My question to you is ???
Are you a cock???
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Nope. It's not normal and it's seriously messed up.
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Yes, as confusing as it may sound the self-hatred and the desire to be bruised up are actually separate needs. I would work on loving yourself while also exploring this awesome fetish with a trustworthy partner. Fetlife has many answers as well. Best of luck but this is an extremely common fetish
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Bdsm. Totally normal and healthy.

No pre-existing trauma or mental illness needed.
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