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Fetish for womens boots
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I am 23 now and for several years i have had this crazy fetish for womens high heel boots and certain sneaker styles mainly the brand skechers and keds. I don't know why i get so turned on but i actually own a couple pairs of white womens skechers that i wear frequently. I only wear ones that could be considered unisex because my feet are small for a guy and womens shoes fit me better. I have also just found out from that men do wear the womens styles. But back to my fetish, sometimes i wish i could go out in public in knee high black leather high-heeled boots but i know i would be ridiculed every where i go. I would like to say that i don't have any homosexual thoughts nor do i dream of being a crossdresser, i would just wear them with jeans and i think they would look cool, like the chunky heel kind. Is there any other guys out there who feel the same?
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I love love love women's boots, and I really like seeing women in boots out in public. It's very much a sex thing for me. High heels lengthen the legs, push the ass and chest up and out, and say "SEX!". I think boots exude, confidence, control, and a touch of the naughty. I'm married and I buy my sexy wife boots all the time. I love to watch her as she shops for them. Your fetish is fine. It has been very rewarding for me to explore the same thing. I hesitated for a long time, but I have no regrets about every step I've made toward embracing it. I would buy boots for girlfriends in high school, but wasn't up front about my desire to bring boots into sex. When I began dating my wife, I told her early on about my love of boots and she was very cool with it. Now she'll wear them when we fuck and it is awesome! Better yet, I've got my own. I bought some long black leather chap boots with a 5in heel. They are super hot and I love to jack off and have sex while wearing them. I love women and wearing their boots makes me feel closer to their sexiness.
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the boots are nice, but try wearing boots, with thong underwear, and a mini skirt. that will turn you on.. I can't wear thong underwear myself, that little string up my butt me a constant boner ..

can I just get the keys to the riding lawnmower? I gotta do some gardening, big time.
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It's normal dude, read my story. I love heels on a woman and have them in bed wearing them, or like you I have small feet so buying some used heels and getting off in them etc etc
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Go for it wear your high heeled boots or Keds in public, I'v been doing that for the last 20 years. Some people laugh at you but that is too be expected. Just wear them you'll feel better
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It's completely normal to have fetishes, yours is minor compared to some out there. I hate high heels on women but love sneakers, canvas keds and other brands too. The below link is a free site with hundreds of pics which you likely already visited, if not I think you'll really enjoy a lot of what you see.
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boots are soo cool on girls with nice looooong legs. the part on wearing them is kinda weird, maybe like changing some clothes with the girl during foreplay is kind of ok(still weird though).
i do use boots, male boots, and it feels great.

like someone said, i would like have a girl wearing boots(only boots) riding me..
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I have very similar sentiments on the subject. Like its been said, buy a gift for someone else so you can enjoy it with them.
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It can probably be normal or not, depending on the severity. I first had an extremely intense and frightening sexual response to the sight of aa attractive woman in stiletto heeled boots when I was 7 years old. I fantasized obsessively about wearing them ever since then. Eventually I started wearing them, then started cross-dressing so I could wear them all the time. I became used to it to the point where I sought sex reassignment. I always felt like a normal boy until I saw the woman in the sexy boots, which basically re-programmed my brain and turned me into a transsexual.
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I too have a crazy fetish for women's knee high boots. I love it when my wife wears hers and enjoy wearing them. Not really into the high heel but love a flat riding boot that comes just below the knee. Would like to wear them out. Just love the feel of the leather and boot on my feet and legs. No other shoes compare... Very Hot! Hot! Hot!
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I like thigh-high boots myself, especially platforms. For my sake, I like dressing up like a striptease, I always get positive attention.
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Bravo to all you men with confidence and sharing your feelings with honest focus to your ladies. To the ladies I just love going to the store via fall and winter and watching gals walking around with boots tucked into jeans. Sure and sometimes I compliment them on how bootiful they look in their boots. It is sexy but I also like to wear mens style or like others being near my lady when she wears them in a teasing way.
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