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Finger up ass
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Is it normal to finger urself up the ass (straight male?) Also, is it normal to smell it and masturbate while imagining that your having anal sex with some chick?
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Comments (13)
Don't listen to the people that say it isn't normal. And it doesn't mean you're gay :D in fact, i've heard of someone having a three-minute anal orgasm, where they were all gasping for air and shaking with pleasure :O
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thats totally normal... i do it all the time
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Yeah, I understand the prostate but to smell it is rather odd and disturbing, dildos and prostate massagers feel WAY better though :)
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i belive self prostate massage is actually healthy never tried it myself but if u hav let me no lol :D
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I love my ass fucked and iam not gay
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i do this once a day stick 2-3 fingers up my ass when im in the shower masturbating. i enjoy the smell and feel of it
its not the smell of feces its the smell of ass very different and VERY NICE...
i say keep on enjoying it. its normal
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i do it when im alone so its pretty normalit does feel good
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i do it all the tym. i even insert my own dick in my asshole and at times i even cum inside myself. its wonderful and hot!
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no it's not normal to finger your own ass

although sometimes i jack off and get urine smell on my fingers and then i scratch my nose and i can smell it then i get all super fucking horny i want to lick the urine off a girls pussy real bad
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while i masterbate i like to finger my anus i feel and massage my prostate smell is wonderful the taste wow
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very nice
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Yes! Keep doing it, that's how I started it & then finally got into strapon sex
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sounds a bit desperate to me.
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