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Flashing lights when closing eyes
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Some nights when I'm in bed, I'll close my eyes to try and sleep, and I'll suddenly see what looks like a flashing light.

I open my eyes again to see if it's something in the room but it stops..and comes back upon closing my eyes again.

It's kind of like looking at a dim strobe light.

When it does happen, I see it straight away, it doesn't only come on after I've been lying there a while.

Anybody else experience this?
Could it mean anything?
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Comments (9)
When it's really dark your eyes might do that. But if you have a permanent spot of bright colors you might want to get it checked.
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Sometimes the CIA gets the frequency wrong, and your might notice their monitoring activity.
Or it could be nothing.
Or it could be a problem with your retinas, so have it checked out -- the sooner the better.
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Want to see something crazy? When you're ready for bed and the lights are out rub your eyelids with your hands for a few seconds then...enjoy the show :)
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Happens to me alot. I see blotches of color and flashes when I close my eyes.
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I've never heard of this before, but go and get it checked out by your / a doctor, or search the internet to see if you can find any info about your problem
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I think that's normal, when I was younger i used to think the same thing. Especially if you are pressing on your eyes for around 30 seconds, then it looks weird. But otherwise, i think it is just your brain.
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I always get that. I had it all my life so far. The optition just said I was short sighted.
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That is nothing every one has it its call REM (Rapid Eye Movement)thats when you've been in the light to long and suddenly you're in a dark room with you're eyes closed. to stop it turn on a dim light for about 2min that should stop it. it mostly happens if you don't let you're eyes adjust to low light in time.
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@: Xerxes
rem sleep happens wen ure i the heaviest sleep u need 2 look up wat that is idk if its the same but wen im lain in bed i see colors move idk i think im normal ure probably normal 2
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